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You can’t go wrong with Aqua Strong!

Here at Aqua Strong Hood Cleaning, we believe in a job done right, the first time.

With our renowned deep-cleaning professionals, we ensure
your space—no matter the size—is sparkling.

Whether it is your kitchen, facility, hotel or restaurant, our skills in power and pressure washing are matched only by a high degree of excellence in both hood and exhaust cleaning.

Nothing says clean like the team of Aqua Strong

It’s about our attention to detail

No matter if it’s your business or your home, you want to know that your place is spick and span. Aqua Strong tackles all the grease, grime and dirt you can imagine from your duct systems, to your rooftops, to laundry air ducts and more. With our team, not even one corner goes unnoticed.

More than just a service

An environment where every nook and cranny has been cleaned to perfection is priceless; customers feel at ease, your employees are free to perform their best work and you can be rest assured that your space is reflective of success. To us, a thorough deep-clean is not just a service we offer— but a state of mind.

And you are more than just a client

Aqua Strong is all about community— just check out our “About me” page— and we want to create partnerships that lasts a lifetime. Once we meet every cleaning need you have through consistent communication and collaboration, we feel connected to your space and look forward to coming back to see how it’s grown and thrived.

We clean

Food Tracks



Hotel & Motels

Medical Facilities


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Give us a call and let us be your “partner in grime” today!

Don’t hesitate to deep-clean the systems that help your business run smoothly, whether it be the hoods, exhausts, rooftops, fans or air ducts within your facility. Having a clean business means having a healthy business— one that is free to operate safely.
Better yet, your customers and employees and you can all focus on what really matters: elevating your brand. Let us do the cleaning behind the scenes, while you get the run the real show!

Denver, Colorado, United States