About US

Aqua Strong Hood Cleaning is based off exactly that: strength and resilience. When we work to clean your space, we don’t just clean and wash but we do so thoroughly, passionately and with pride.

Our founder, Alexander Berezin, is no stranger to such dedication. Alex immigrated to the United States just 4 years ago, in 2018. Moving to a new country, he didn’t have the family or community to rely on: only his strong desire to succeed and commitment to himself that he can make it. Every day, Alexander is reminded of his roots that ground his work ethics and inspire his esteemed team of professionals whose expertise is industry-best.

And this why community is in the heart of what Aqua Strong is all about. With every business we serve— every industry, family or brand— we clean as if it is our very own. Alexander sees your space as an extension of his own cleaning company, and when hired back to deep-clean again, we look forward to seeing you, your company and how it’s grown since the last time we were there.

At the end of the day, Alexander and his team have a true passion for cleanliness and for persevering against the tough environment the world has out there. Our cleaning services are all about making your life easier because our founder knows first-hand how tough that it can be. With a clean space, your mind is free to believe, achieve and succeed. We want to be the people who help you do just that!


Give us a call and let us be your “partner in grime” today!

Don’t hesitate to deep-clean the systems that help your business run smoothly, whether it be the hoods, exhausts, rooftops, fans or air ducts within your facility. Having a clean business means having a healthy business— one that is free to operate safely.
Better yet, your customers and employees and you can all focus on what really matters: elevating your brand. Let us do the cleaning behind the scenes, while you get the run the real show!

Denver, Colorado, United States




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