Aqua Strong Hood Cleaning is your one-stop-shop for quality cleaning and washing. In just four simple steps, we ensure that your user experience goes above and beyond all expectations.

Our Core Four Steps

  1. When we first arrive, our expert cleaning team provides a complete hood system analysis and explains— in detail— what your system needs for a complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning.
  2. Once we align with you on all processes, we begin our quality cleaning that is always done the right way, the first time. In parallel to deep cleaning everything in sight— from the rooftop to the fan to every inch of your exhaust system— we keep in compliance with all applicable fire and health codes: no fuss, no muss.
  3. As our technicians get to work, we ensure that all equipment and surfaces in the area are covered and protected. We have complete water cleanup, drying and polishing of all stainless-steel surfaces that we clean.
  4. After we deep-clean your space, we have a debrief with you about all the work that was done, your user experience and look forward to serving your business again in the future when the need arises again.

With our “Core Four”, Aqua Strong guarantees 100% customer satisfaction no matter the service our client asks for. Specifically, our top-of-the-line team of cleaning professionals can perform any of the services below:

Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Our team stops at nothing to remove all grease and grime that has accumulated inside the hoods of your facility or kitchen. If left uncleaned, hood grease can eventually lead to health or fire hazards.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

With a thorough, consistent hand, our team is able to clean out your exhaust fans so that they are grime, grease and dirt-free.

Duct System Cleaning

Our professional duct system cleaning takes out all dust and other particulates from cooling or heating systems so that your air is clean and fresh— after all, your space deserves nothing less.

Rooftop Cleaning

Aqua Strong’s top to bottom cleaning approach ensures that your rooftop is free from algae, mold, mildew, lichen and more. By deep cleaning the roof of your business, you give it a longer life.

Pressure and Power Washing

Our pressure and power washing leaves your business free of all loose paint, mold, grume, dust, mud and dirt. First impressions are key— so let the physical look of your business really shine!

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Our kitchen exhaust cleaning is the best of the best—we pair industrial strength hot power washers with supreme degreasing capabilities that leave no corner untouched.

Laundry Air Duct Cleaning

With high quality dedication to all dust and dirt removal, we clean the very air ducts that allow your laundry facilities to do their job.

Grease Containment Systems

With keen attention to detail, our team cleans the very grease containment systems that collect the grease from your exhaust fans. We go after the grease that tackled the grease— we get to the root of the matter.

Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits

Because your hinge kits help your facility run smoothly, we want to ensure they are deep-cleaned as well. We help your kits do their job by cleaning any of the dirt and grime that sneaks its way in!

Baffle & Mesh Grease Filters

With our help, both of these filters— that are made to remove grease from the air intake that comes in through the air filtration system— can continue to perform to their highest ability.

Access Panels

We take the time to get rid of the grime— and your access panels are no exception! With deep-cleaning expertise, we handle these delicate systems with the proper care and maintenance.


Give us a call and let us be your “partner in grime” today!

Don’t hesitate to deep-clean the systems that help your business run smoothly, whether it be the hoods, exhausts, rooftops, fans or air ducts within your facility. Having a clean business means having a healthy business— one that is free to operate safely.
Better yet, your customers and employees and you can all focus on what really matters: elevating your brand. Let us do the cleaning behind the scenes, while you get the run the real show!

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